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A random memory – HigginBotham’s at Madras Central

At Madras Central (or Chennai Central as you young ones call it) in the 1980s, I looked forward to buying books at HigginBotham’s. It was the beginning of the journey back home. The last 36 odd hours on a train … Continue reading


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Coal, mines and beauty

A couple of weeks back I found myself in Germany. More specifically – in Cologne. Now Germany has never been on my must-go-to map, except perhaps Berlin. There’s very little I actually know about that country. Except perhaps random pieces … Continue reading


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Trains and the landscape

What an insignificant photograph. The emptiness of the landscape swishing by as you stand near the door of the coach of the train. This is what I remember. The annoying families constantly littering peanut shells on the floor. A young … Continue reading


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Budapest, Sad Cities and Communism

Budapest is a lively city. There’s no other word for it. From the hotel room, even on a Monday night, cars seemed to be buzzing by at 2 AM. In parts, it is beautiful too. But there seems to be … Continue reading


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B for Budapest!

Budapest is beautiful. The GV Summit is on in the city, and as always there’s a huge crowd of bloggers, cyber activists and the lot from all over the world. It’s an amazing experience, to walk around the room, trying … Continue reading


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3 days in Malta

Three days in beautiful Malta. In a lovely hotel, with a huge balcony overlooking the sea (and a casino). On the first day I said something dutifully flippant like how we were mostly lucky with our vacations. As I was … Continue reading


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At Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

All this talk of birds, and the early arrival of the migratory birds to North India, prompted a visit to Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary. Compared to the usual national parks, it’s actually rather tiny. But it was a pleasure to walk … Continue reading


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