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Notes from a Cemetery

The story is incredible. Scattered all over London are cemeteries known as the Magnificent Seven. The most famous one is the Highgate Cemetery. More than anything else, it offers a strange and creepy peek into the lives (no, the deaths) … Continue reading


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Birds, ruins and cities

How can one visit ruins, and not marvel at the life inside. Apart from the customary mynahs, sparrows, ring doves, rock pigeons and lazy dogs, the parrots breathe a certain madness into old structures. Their blinding green colour, and screeching … Continue reading


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Going home, heat and drama queens

How can flying to India be devoid of drama. Hobbling on one functional foot, struck by the delay of the trains, I made it to the airport well in time to check in and buy chocolates thanks to Mumbaigirl. The … Continue reading


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Look Ma, my photos got published!

I am experiencing the sort of gratification that amateur photographers hope for. In the post today, came a book that I had forgotten all about – Synagogen. Die Schönsten Gotteshauser des Judentums. Don’t ask me what that means, because I … Continue reading


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To Crystal Palace Railway Station

On Friday, rr and I went to the Crystal Palace railway station. Just so we could gape at it. It’s strangely old world, with huge arches and generous staircases thrown all over it. For some reason it reminded me of … Continue reading


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1857, and the politics of memories

In Delhi, as history students we would sometimes go on these wild goose chases. To try and step on the very site that some event had taken place. The ruins – even as they just that – in ruins offer … Continue reading


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Paris thoughtlets: On cities, museums, souvenirs, fakes etc.

Like any other city driven and shaped for tourists, Paris is abundant with souvenir shops. I don’t quite know how to react to souvenirs. When I was working in India, we used to pick up local handicrafts. But over time … Continue reading


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