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Thanks Madhu Menon!

A bad case of spam injection, and me unleashed on the ftp meant that pretty much everything in the blog was lost for a little bit. I struggled, read up things, and couldn’t figure out the head or tail of … Continue reading


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Parrot for Lali

In the three years since, other birds have hatched. But it’s in parrots, beaks like red chillies, that I suddenly see, you take another flight. Dear Lali, 3 years to the day. Really miss you, with my mind wandering to … Continue reading

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Mausi, Bua etc.

One of the loveliest things about being my age (nearly 30) is how a number of close friends start having babies. And suddenly, just like that, your email inbox is full of pictures. Of babies that can call you Aunty … Continue reading


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Pongal and Prabhu-fangirl

I am never very sure how one celebrates Pongal, apart from the food. And yes, the sudden need some people have to find cows. I liked the bit about feeding the crows the best, even though my valiant efforts to … Continue reading


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On homesickness, food and cooking

Needless to say I am somewhat homesick today. (For this moment, home = home with parents). I woke up and realized five minutes later that it was Vijayadashmi. I am not a spiritual person, but at times, I turn religious. … Continue reading


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Protected: A Friend

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Education and Lakdi Ki Kathi

I completely forgot about this mild horror story from last year. I met a kid in a lift who did not know Lakdi Ki Kathi. Don’t ask me how I found out. But the kid had never heard of the … Continue reading


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