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Quick Glance: Neha Viswanathan a.k.a nehavish or neha vish – the author of this blog lives in London, UK. City-hopping, trivia-gathering, identity-hunting. Obsessions include culture, social software, cities, literature, internet, music, history, marketplace and anything that doesn’t twinkle.

Work: Market Research. Qualitative Researcher. If either of these things make sense to you, you know what I do.

Contact: nehavish[at]gmail[dot]com

The Longer Ramble
I once tried writing about the cities in my life. Metaphors from different languages and cultures begin to drip off one’s forehead. In Hindi, there is a wonderful idiom that sums up the notion of identity.

Dhobi ka kutta, na ghar ka na ghat ka.
Trans. Like the washerman’s dog – who belongs neither at home nor to the river bank.

In worldly terms I live in London. I am a part-time poet. Amateur (oh! sooo amateur) photographer. Blogging started as a literal way to break out of boredom induced by coffee breaks at work, but it has become one of the many centres of my universe.