Poem: A swirl of one’s own


In the ten days since you arrived,
We’ve heard you are like us.

Her father’s chin,
her mother’s ears.
When she’s angry,
she fits right in,
On the maternal side.

Forgotten uncles now
show their shadows.
In your absurdly tiny face.

But that beautiful swirl
On your perfect head.
Who did it come from?

You made it yourself.
Nobody else, quite has it
exactly so.


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12 Responses to Poem: A swirl of one’s own

  1. Sharada Iyer

    Beautiful!! Congrats Neha!

  2. How wonderfully put. Congratulations!

  3. Congrats! That’s one lovely head of hair! Hope you are getting some sleep..

  4. Pavithra K. Mehta


  5. dummermann

    Forgotten uncles now
    show their shadows.
    In your absurdly tiny face….excellent lines those! Congratulations on ur new journey

  6. Very beautiful, and congrats!

  7. letstalkaboutmeforaminute

    Lovely. Its good to read you again.


  8. Mr Sumit

    Wow sounds good. Loved this one.

  9. pookutty

    Congratulations. I feel sorry that I am not frequenting your blog ever since you cut down sometime in 2012, so missed this post.

    Hope all is well.

  10. very very nice article. Loved it. The baby is such a lucky sweetheart. Stay well.

  11. so lovely poem… keep posting

  12. Hi Neha, Lovely posts of yours which one can keep re-reading over and over again! It’s been a long time since you wrote some. Being far away from home, and a northie-southie like you myself, reading your posts about the familiar sounds, sights and smells are comforting! Look forward to more posts soon! Best wishes, Krishnan