I ate a paan in Benaras

It’s taken me a few months to digest everything that I saw and took in Varanasi. It’s an absurd metropolis of memory, silt, silk and myth. It made me wish I had been there sooner, and I had gone with more time. There was just so much to take in, to listen to. We walked by the ghats for a long time, while I spotted names and sights only recognisable in other people’s memories and books.

Women watching ganga aarti/ Varanasi

I can’t quite capture what Benaras was like. For a change, I was short of words and description.

On a small boat, on the Ganga,
were three women from the delta.
Each with a prayer, and a womb,
Full, empty, happy.

Their bangles descend to silt.
And their million bra-hooks.
Undone swiftly by the current,
Boobs hanging resplendent.
Praying for miscellaneous,
and the rather, odd,
thankless male descendant.


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7 Responses to I ate a paan in Benaras

  1. “It made me wish I had been there sooner, and I had gone with more time.”

    Time – it’s that one thing that defines life, and limits it as well.

  2. Sounds absolutely awesome, this city that I’ve not yet seen……..

  3. Banaras ghats are indeed mystic. Awesome words to depict.

  4. Hmm sounds interesting though religious places are last on my to visit list

  5. I love the style of poems u write…very unique and powerful in limited words…

  6. Banaras City of god. also want to feel this experience. awesome poem, keep posting.

  7. Just the Naad of the river takes you somewhere deep inside yourself..superb place..