A truth, cryptically told

Good girls make mistakes.

Good girls become girls who can be easily doubted. And they get married to boys who think they are perfect. Good girls then become sad women.

Brave Good girls then go onto enter the murky territory of legal truths. They get divorced. They walk off. They become the very things that society hates. The failure of modern Indian love stories. The very things we hate – the people who had the supposed freedom and then squandered it on a few tickets at the cinema and kurtis at Fab India.

Good girls then finally meet Decent men. I say men, because they are mature. They don’t always need assurance. Or promises. Then they sometimes get married. And are very happy. So happy that their happiness is overwhelming like a successful season of mangos. A hundred kinds, in different colours, with stories, and back-stories. Bursting, laughing, juicy and with the promise of double meanings.

Get over it.


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13 Responses to A truth, cryptically told

  1. Is this a return to blogging? I do hope so.

    There is nothing better than being happy and nothing worse than being sad. Your happiness sounds sparkly and contagious. Brilliant!

  2. 30in2005: A tentative toe-dip. And yes, happiness is totally worth it!

  3. Brave Good girls sometimes also meet decent women and feel happiness beyond measure. :)

    Welcome back!

  4. Broom: Hahaha! I like my women a bit on the indecent side. But yes, absolutely agree.

  5. Good things do happen to good girls too :) Welcome back !

    (And what better kind of modern Indian love story than one of second chances at happiness?)

  6. Enjoyed this piece! Especially loved the metaphor: “So happy that their happiness is overwhelming like a successful season of mangos.”

  7. And thank you for a love story that finally makes some sense and actually gives hope. Sorry for the soppy but it’s so good to read you again.

  8. I’m so glad:):):)

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  10. Sharada Iyer

    Well said Neha!! Glad to hear this from you!! This failure is not just with the love stories, happens with arranged as well …. This will happen as long as the ‘boys’ assume they are perfect!

  11. reshma

    reading this gave me goosebumps :) enjoyed spending time on your blog. it reminded me of a different era when i bumped into you first via our blogs

  12. loved it so much… how can a life boomrang from unknown corners of the world… ?