Fiction Fragment games?

3 words anyone? A few stories perhaps… if nothing else.

PS – This is how it works. You give me three words that pop into your head – and I try and weave them into a very short story. :)


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18 Responses to Fiction Fragment games?

  1. Sow

    Halwa, gemclips, sequins.

  2. sk

    scissors, buffalo, pole-star

  3. Fantastic. Thanks guys! :) Stories over the week hopefully!

  4. Beks

    whisked destiny insider

  5. Anonymous Bullherd

    Scorpion, Relocation, Inglenook.

  6. Drown(v), caricature (n), sumptuous (adj)

  7. alice

    Any three words?

    Damn, I made it easy for you, didn’t I? :D

    P.S. Not sure I have commented here earlier, but anyhoo, I do visit your blog a lot. Keep writing.

  8. Miya Captain Banoge…….

  9. fabric, soldier, hobby

  10. Ei, Aisha and I each gave you our three words on Whatsapp three months ago and you did nothing.

  11. SK

    Apple, electricity, redemtion

  12. sands

    Rain, Bamboozle, Telegram.

  13. Oh gosh. I just stare at these words, and nothing much really springs to mind. Either I need a mental break, or just give up on this altogether. :)

  14. jd

    i’m flattered, but

  15. As you mentioned in your reply before, take a mental break but don’t give up, you can do it. 3 words: don’t give up! :)

  16. 3 words

    Vish, vishwanathan, namechangeinducedjubilation.