On bees

It’s in a country without summer,
That I perhaps learn to be gentle.

With things like insects and bees.
It’s not with annoyance or fear,
that I wave you away.

Little winged one. I do it to send.
You, away in the direction of the
your very last flower.


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12 Responses to On bees

  1. Neha,

    That is beautiful, specially the opening and the last line.

  2. @menaka – Thanks! You’d know the feeling I think.. somehow!
    @Banno – Thank you, it’s weird how I can’t seem to write poems or anything else without some sort of visual stimulus to start with…
    @buddy :)

  3. Badri

    Beautifully captured.

    Wish we humans show similar empathy to fellow humans!

  4. Neat. It does take some skill to write something light and yet meaningful.

  5. km

    Very, very Zen-ish. Loved it.

  6. Loved, loved this!

    I just saw this: http://www.queenofthesun.com/ so there’s been a buzzing in my brain lately.

  7. Very nice. But do you need a ‘the’ at the end of your penultimate sentence? Also, why make it ‘last flower’? Why not make it the bee’s ‘very best flower’? I know, it’s your poem and not mine………………

  8. I have been checking out your blog from time to time since about a year and a half…didn’t know you wrote such beautiful poetry.