Cooking, Maama and Maami

I have a mixed relationship with cooking. On some days, I feel like embarking on something adventurous, and on other days, I can’t be bothered with it and I’d rather eat raw carrots. I think some of my cooking sensibility comes from just having observed the women in my family. What goes together, what doesn’t and the like.

I had a sudden desire to eat thenkuzhal today. I’ve seen my mother make it a million times. Back in the day when eating something fried wasn’t quite the sin it has become now. Think my mother made a full spectrum of things and was quite sane in her advice – eat everything in moderation. As a 19 year old, I ignored it, and binged on fried fiends, but I find my own cooking quite reflective of her style. Minimum oil, most things slightly steamed, no overkill with every damn spice in the shelf, never really over-cooked and everyday meals that don’t involve back-breaking effort (mostly).

So anyhow, back to the sins of thenkuzhal. While poking my nose about online I discovered this wonderful maama-maami combo who make these wonderful videos from their kitchen in Srirangam. There’s something about their unassuming style of conversation (all in Tamil), their utensils, the arranged chaos that screams home to me.

For instance take a look at this – one of the videos for making Morkozhambu.

The videos aren’t edited or jazzy. You never quite see their faces, just maami’s busy (and magically effortless) hands, and her responses to maama’s various doubts and questions. Thanks maama-maami – you made someone very happy today.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this Neha. As you said the videos are not jazzed up, but they are so authentic, including the tamil commentary and I really like the way Mama and Mami go through the motions in a very effortless conversational tone.

  2. Madras Chick

    Wow! Thanks for sharing this with us.

  3. Though I don’t understand Tamil, :) But can’t help thinking a) Maami must make excellent food, for Maama to be so interested. b) what a great relationship between Maama-Maami. c) Maama now knows how to make all his favourite food, and can give Maami a break. Lovely!

  4. Truly awesome…wattafind…wattacouple

  5. OrbitBud

    That was awesome, Neha.. :)
    Brought a big smile to my face, thanks…

  6. Oh, what a treasure this is! Thanks so much for sharing the link. Maama and Maami are just priceless….and I loved that Maama’s favorite music is – Abba and Boney M!!

  7. very nice, thanks for sharing

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  9. this is awesomeness! thank you for sharing!

    I’m tempted to email the link to everyone I know and earn some brownie points.

  10. Oh man…now you’ve done it. looking at the video made me very homesick!
    But good find, thanks.

  11. Great video! Wonderful morkuzhambu-really mouthwatering. thanks a lot!