Onga vootla party

Have I ever mentioned how much I love this song? That it’s on a playlist called ‘Work Morning’ on my ipod – and it makes me want to get up and do a little dance. Given the song, it’d probably be too raunchy for any polite company, but whattay song!


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  1. Rising Star Lyricist – Silambarasan – “Where is the Party”
    Crazy Song of the Year – Yuvan Shankar Raja – “Where is the Party”

    I prefer listening than watching the video. Can’t stand this guy :)

    lol @ “Ponna kutram sollatha. santhoshathai kollatha”

  2. you should see the comments i got for saying that i liked this song

  3. nice song the most loved song of the year

  4. arun

    No Offence. But I don’t know why you people liked the song so much. The video was somewhat vulgar. I am not a tamilian, I don’t understand tamil, but I did like few tamil songs. This one is weird and doesn’t even sound great!.

  5. Good luck, good health good cheer. I wish you a happy New Year.

  6. gulabo

    i love the song, and the video, but couldn’t figure out the point (there must always be a point) of theflunky-guy + hero-guy action at 0:42. it can’t just be athletics. as i don’t speak tamil i can’t tell if the words “already narama achu” mean “hey why don’t we pretend we’re dogs and i’ll raise leg so you can sniff my crotch”. someone please enlighten.