Pets, pigs and dreams

I turn 28 in a week’s time, and I never thought I would be dog-less at this age. But having grown up with dogs in the house, I know it’s a huge responsibility. It’s also a matter of space. And with all the travel that comes with my job, how can I have any animal around the house?

Up close with the dog

I could of course explore the option of micro-pigs. They look adorable and have always had a fondness for pigs. All I know is that I seek an animal I can interact with. Fish are not my cup of tea. (Hopefully there’s no fish in anyone’s cup of tea.) We’ve had fish, and while watching them is very therapeutic, I was incapable of bonding with them.

A cat, a dog, a micro-pig. And some others. In the years to come perhaps?


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10 Responses to Pets, pigs and dreams

  1. Ah, this is how it all begins. Six months down the line, we will see a post, ‘Who wants to travel? I want a baby!!!’

  2. Get Pleo until you could afford to have dog…They are not too bad.

  3. oooh look at that snout! just want to grab it and kiss it

  4. Sen

    Why its eyes are Red ? Taken after a weekend party ?



  5. How about those hugely popular two-legged pets… very cute and very interactive, you know. They may even resemble you ;-)

    Yeah, yeah, I’m quite a maami that way :D

  6. Delightful! Loving the comments too. Seriously, my boss has 2 daughters, 6 dogs, 5 cats, and his house is surprisingly clean. While there’s a lot of activity, beneath it all is a sense of serenity and trust that can only come from love.

  7. what an amazing picture!! :)

  8. shi

    At least I share Halwa obsession with you ;-)

  9. Who’s the dog in the pic? I feel like running my hand over his (or her) fur and brushing my check against his wet nose!