Lights. More lights.

Finally, Deepawali is over a weekend. Something intrinsically wrong about getting up and having to go to work on a day I associate with afternoon snooze and a lovely breakfast. Among other things, I’m recovering from the flu, and the constant cough and cold makes me feel like I am in Delhi. Mostly because the festival of lights and shredded tamil newspaper gave my lungs a tough time and I spent many of my Deepawalis trying to avoid a coughing fit.

DeepawaliI have a strange relationship with this festival. From being annoyed that the Northis appeared to have so much fun, to the point where the crackers put me off. But I love it nevertheless. Something soothing about all that light.

And in that spirit I give you a four year old me on Diwali. Possibly at the crack of dawn. Distracted by my mother while my father dutifully captured my radiant four year loveliness. I was a good kid no? Check the vibhuti, the pottu and the gold earrings out. It all went downhill after that. :)

Have a lovely and safe Diwali/ Deepawali.


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  1. Happy deepavali to you too… Actually the northies are more expressive in nature – and they need all that dhamaka scene to have fun. For us southies, just a smile from special people is enough to have fun, just that we aren’t expressive that’s all!

    Destination Infinity

  2. Anoop

    heyy…very cute pic… :D

    happy diwali… :)

  3. I was a good kid too before turning into a “rowdy” :D
    As you said, “vayasu aachu” and Diwali doesn’t excite me anymore :)

  4. Happy Diwali Nehu !! :)

  5. samathu kodam with vibhoothi and all..

  6. Such a lovely photo. I hope you’re better now. Happy Diwali.

  7. Ankit

    Happy Diwali…
    chked ur flickr link, some really inspiring pics !

  8. Happy Diwali! Hope you are feeling better.

  9. gud

    Khanabadosh Khanabadosh- i guess u shud tag it tooo to ur blog- :)
    cheers to ur blog.


  10. Not downhill in terms of loveliness at all