Sometimes I wish this blog was somehow more compact. Then the pressure to write something sensible enough to fill your browser window wouldn’t be quite as high.

It’s the same thing as wanting to be invisible. Sometimes I don’t want to be invisible. Just tiny. Then I could be silly. Even honest.


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  1. ..and who says Neha the Vish cannot be silly, childish and spontaneous on her blog? When did that memo come out for us adults?

    Look at me, am a mom of three, (including a teenager) and I am what I am. Like I care on judgements being passed, esp them lurkers.


  2. I think one of the first posts I read on your blog was about the wanker in the sky. You can be plenty silly when you want to be :D

  3. And that is why people invented Twitter :)

    PS: I am known to give extremely practical answers to extremely ‘soulful’ questions which just does not match the mood..

    PPS: I got it from my dad :)

  4. Go on vish- be silly, disappear,rant, write or then dont write at all when you feel like it!!
    I have just woken up to the realisation that we are all much less visible than we think we are…and sometimes, thank god it is that way

  5. compact blog.!!? thatz called twitee..;)

  6. Sylwia Presley

    Be whoever you want to be! Blog whatever you want!:) It’s your place!

    And I love it;)

    Can’t wait to meet you tomorrow!:)