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In Istanbul

This city must be a cartographer’s delight. Istanbul is unlike any other city I’ve been to. Though it appears to have snatched tiny bits of other cities’ souls. In Istanbul, I’ve become the tourist that I usually love to make … Continue reading


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Gold Hammer Pants Flash Mob! Yeah!

If this ever happens in London, I want to be there. Leading the charge of the flash mob! In gold hammer pants. I am happy. I haven’t heard this song in ages. And the general composition of the group. That … Continue reading


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Poem: Wanker in the sky

Outside the cocoon Of this meandering train (to Manchester) It rains on sheep and fields Slashing their souls, on the window pane. They slide on the glass, a vertical dance of droplets with tails. I think then that they look … Continue reading


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On a train, again

I find myself on these cross country journeys often. In various trains. From small stations. So small their names barely fit into the station. Ghostless and with trains stopping rarely. Yet again on a train. Won’t be in London till … Continue reading


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