Snakes, milk, and other films

The things one wakes up to. For instance Indiequill’s amazing post on Nagin.

Unfortunately the mind must make connections, and I suddenly remember watching this awful film called Dhoodh Ka Karz. (Debt of Milk?). Suffice to say a woman gives a snake her breastmilk and the snake is forever grateful. Please to watch this brief scene where it happens. It’s so weird that I am almost tempted to tag it as NSFW.

If ever there was a reason for snakes to turn vegan, here’s one.


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14 Responses to Snakes, milk, and other films

  1. Prasoon

    That last line brought around a smile. How the hell did you conjure that up from thin air? :)

  2. OMG ! Phew. I know that these kinds of movies were around. But i am seeing one for the first time here.

    I mean….

    I mean….

    well. I am speechless !

  3. the animal welfare board will possibly ensure that scenes like that never come on our screens again ! cruelty to animals and all that.
    on a different tack – have you seen ‘tere meherbaaniyaan’ Jackie shroff plays a cop who is killed before the interval, and his dog takes revenge ! really !

  4. Gigi

    You are as bad as Greatbong and his Mithun dialogs :-)

  5. Wow. This is a find. Brilliant work, Nehavish.

  6. :-) I remember all too well that breastfeeding a snake scene. Sadly, too well.

  7. Hi, nice posts there :-) express’s concerning the intriguing word

  8. LOL

    This one is a sexyyy Nagin.

    Mallika Sherawat as Nagin in Hissssss!


  9. i really dont know whether to thank you for that, or…..what

  10. I didn’t want to say it, but I thought “woman breastfeeding cobra” could have been accomplished far more entertainingly minus a bowl. Having said that, I understand there’s a body double…but really?

  11. .;) movies like these are the reason why Russell peters make those awesome comments about indian movies. if not for anything atleast these kinda movies are used to make good stand-up comedians… ;)

    but to me someone thought of such id/scene and the way s/he would have explained to other during storyboard discussion… wo.. ;D)