Poem: Love and Heat

Without a room. Or money.
The two of them, attempt to
find refuge, from the summer,
and for their ever-lusting love.

The city parks are infested.
With lovers. Insects. And
fat, moustached constables.

In the heat, the waves of hot air.
The heart swells, like a phulka.

The old man, a mild pervert
watches the lovers squirm.
He sighs, shaking his head.
At the foolishness of the two.

Don’t they know, that in love,
even in the foggy depth
of winter, they will melt anyway?


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10 Responses to Poem: Love and Heat

  1. Oh this must be their first love…….. naive first timers…… :D

  2. seem to be recovering well… nice one…

  3. Delurking.

    I like the twist on ever lasting LOL

  4. neat !! :)

    Very neat indeed ! :)

    I would agree with Sudeep !

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  6. gulabo

    wow. this sounds so familiar. i remember the constable. and the parks. and the ever-lusting love.

    and who could forget the phulka-swelling heat. or the laburnum-streaked pavements. delhi is a city that doesn’t quite leave one. it covers you like grime, oddly appealing grime you miss after scrubbing off.

  7. prasoon

    nice one.. :)

  8. anand – Do lovers ever really stop being naive?

    gulabo – I thinik those memories are made of idelible ink.

  9. Nice, The muse is back :)