Poem: Abandoned

As he clears her shelf,
book by book. Dust flies.
Inside his nose. Tickling.
He sneezes loud and sad.

In his hand, her notebooks.
An unfinished novel.
A winter’s attempt,
to chronicle their recipes.
Doodles. Drawings. Threats.

In his sneeze, one falls
and opens to the last page.
Smileys. Phone numbers.
Random mnemonics.

And then he sees it.
An abandoned poem.
Like him.
The last line dangles.
Unfinished and forever


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8 Responses to Poem: Abandoned

  1. Chanced upon this page when my reader showed it as top recommendations. And it wasn’t wrong either! Loved the poem! Short, yet truly moving. Shall keep coming here!! Don’t disappoint me please :)

  2. :(…something about this makes me terribly sad.

  3. Nice :)

    Story of every other person !!

  4. My thoughts echo Aparna’s :( dont know if its the post or me in general ;)

  5. Chitralekha

    sigh. yes. true for most of us this.

  6. Nice poem. I love it. :)