Poem: Her Tyres


Having finished her tea
her stomach still grumbles.

A biscuit, a wafer. A stray fry.
Half an egg, and a complete,
random stranger’s birthday cake.

Her man and her love
handles. He is kind, but indicates.
Rather gently, than there is more
of her than there was,
a few months before.

Birds get fat in the winter.
Don’t they?
Then why can’t women?
Do birds worry about their
silouhette? Measure their inches.
Weigh their pounds. (Or kilos,
if you’re into metric.)

On that note, she shovels
another mouthful of soul-stirring
fat down her willing throat.

Besides, it’s not her fault,
those unforgiving tyres.
It’s all down to the uncontrollable
and intangible hormones.


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20 Responses to Poem: Her Tyres

  1. Aparna

    brillianto! The poem seemed like it was talking to R and me. Only, i didn’t know birds got fatter in winter (or do they really??)…else i’d have thrown the same argument on his face too…

  2. Do birds get diabetes? Or heart disease? Just wondering.

    Besides if we emulate birds, we would be eating our body weight in food. Now _there_ is a thought ;-)

  3. Stuff it I say! Pecking at crumbs and slurpng worms is truly for the birds!

  4. girl, u just stole my piece *whines* o well, I’ll make my woman skinny then. :P

    Good one :)

  5. Nice one :)
    Seriously, why can’t women grow fat. If birds and men can, why not women ;) . We should equally induldge in all the treats without caring about the extra pounds we are going to gain! (as if women will do that!)

  6. Nice :) Besides fat birds look cuter, don’t they?

  7. Where did a random stranger’s birthday cake come from? Loved those lines.

  8. brilliant …ur choice of subject amazes me :)

  9. Hehehe!!! That was brilliant Neha. Now I needn’t feel guilty when I have an extra bar of Mars :)

  10. ra

    Yes, it is the hormones. Thyroid. Affects thinness also :)

  11. Sanjeev

    Loved the lines:

    random stranger’s birthday cake.

    Her man and her love

    The picture is…er..picture perfect with this poem.

  12. Now why are you writing about me? *whine whine* *grumble grumble*

  13. Birds don’t marry. Birds don’t write books. :)
    Analogies can be stretched only so far no?

  14. Heh. Well, I told you not to converse with me too often! :)

  15. Me too! It’s a seagull actually. Fat bastards. Eat everything in sight. And screech. But their sudden eccentricity redeems them.

    Am going to go hug it for you.

  16. Because you make a fantastic subject! :)

  17. Absolutely. Plump, and plumper still when they ruffle their feathers carelessly.

  18. I was sticking with relevant analogies (the relationship between food, and weight or disease). :-P