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Poem: On love and phlegm

She thanks the stars And the Gods of phlegm. Some vows are taken, More seriously than others. So in sickness, his love, flows and pours. As if from the depths of a bottomless box of tissue. She is sure then, … Continue reading


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Poem: Abandoned

As he clears her shelf, book by book. Dust flies. Inside his nose. Tickling. He sneezes loud and sad. In his hand, her notebooks. An unfinished novel. A winter’s attempt, to chronicle their recipes. Doodles. Drawings. Threats. In his sneeze, … Continue reading


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In defense of the Angst-Slut

The other day rads and I were yapping on the phone and on chat, and had this conversation on the perils of being creative online. Now, rads writes a lot of fiction, and has a dedicated blog for the craft. … Continue reading


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Bhoole Bisre Geet

Almost time to leave the workplace. Thankfully, am really liking the work, or the slightly longish hours would have me going nuts. But at that moment that I leave the workplace, and wait at the bus stop, I sometimes switch … Continue reading


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Poem: Her Tyres

Having finished her tea her stomach still grumbles. A biscuit, a wafer. A stray fry. Half an egg, and a complete, random stranger’s birthday cake. Her man and her love handles. He is kind, but indicates. Rather gently, than there … Continue reading


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I never thought I’d say this, but watching this video makes me wish I go to the dentist right now!


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Pink Chaddi

Spread the word. Send your chaddis to the moral police. Meanwhile, let’s create an anti-morality police. Anyone suspected of not behaving in a lewd enough manner will be gently educated on the wonders of hanging out and having fun. You … Continue reading


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