Dear so-and-so

Dear Heavily Pregnant Woman On Bus,

That you choose to travel on a crowded bus some five hours before your water is going to break is your issue to deal with. You can use it to blackmail your partner/ lover/ husband/ child some years from now. It might even make for interesting conversation with the shrink.

But please don’t glare at me when I offer you my seat. I am a woman, and I am not being chauvinistic. I just didn’t want you to go into labour right there, and end up being even more late than usual for work. You also looked uncomfortable. Besides, unlike a heavy bag on your back that can be taken down in public transport, I am guessing you cannot take off the belly off.

If you have a philosophical or intellectual issue with sitting down in buses when you are pregnant, that’s fine too. Just refuse the offer. Don’t bloody glare.

Yours gratefully
The Girl (Okay, Woman) Who Politely Asked If You Would Like A Seat.


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21 Responses to Dear so-and-so

  1. As li’l girl in Full House would say, ‘How rrrude!!!’

  2. heh, well, pregnant women nearing labor ought not be held responsible for all she does or says. You’ll know :p

  3. :) it could be the hormones. no not taking her side, just that nothing else can explain the strange behaviour!

  4. Why, oh why, would a heavily pregnant woman be upset at you for offering her a seat?! I’m going with blinkandmiss’ conjecture.

  5. That’s an interesting (and very puzzling) reaction from the woman. They do say that no good deed goes unpunished :)

  6. Did she accept the seat? Or just stood there glaring at you?

  7. OK being the first guy to comment, pardon me for being naive.
    Is there an outside chance that she was just too fat? A lil exra in the belly maybe!

  8. Hard to believe but well, lots of strange people out there! For these I think wise people say – “bhalai ka jamaana nahi hai”. :)

  9. With a disposition like that, I suppose it’s a miracle she even got pregnant in the first place.

  10. Subha

    First time here…May be just may be her big belly was a result of a very recent delivery. One of my friends here delivered a baby and she had a big belly for over 6 months and post delivery BUT she was happy that everyone was still offering her seat in the bus :)

  11. She what?! glared at you?

    But how did you know she had just five hours before her water was going to break?

  12. Well.. It’s a random guess. She looked heavily pregnant. End of term really.

  13. Well.. a colleague and I discussed that. But unless a woman is plump all over – you can’t confuse fat with pregnancy. She was fit otherwise, and if that belly wasn’t one caused by pregnancy – she could give Homer Simpson’s beer belly a run for its money! :)

  14. Maybe she was overweight, not fat. Don’t scoff, I made that mistake once!!

  15. Oh oops, maxdavinci already said that. My stupid.

  16. Oh! I thought you maybe said something like that, which she happened to hear and you know – yeah, she gave you that look!

    Like some have suggested here…….there could’ve been something you missed. Like Subha (above) mentions, I have heard too that women who’ve had C-sec look pregnant for some 6 months post delivery!

    Lady, its faux pas! Admit!

  17. Ah well, maybe I am still recovering from the Mumbai terror strikes, but what if…

    -the pregnant belly was a put-on to cover up some deadly merchandise?

    The mind boggles!!!

  18. yei Sowmya — athaan makka irukka illa. pesama iren.

  19. As a rule, I only ever give my seat up for old people – men and women. A pregnant person can help being pregnant or not, an old person can’t.

  20. MadMan

    This is why one should not get pregnant. It turns you insane. ;)