Poem: A quick love – 2

I must have kissed you.
You must have breathed.

Swift and sharp.
Either the breath.
(Or something else)

Your spectacles or mine
were bound to break.
So we took them off.

The tragedy
Kissing you with them on,
made them fuzzy with steam.
I couldn’t see.

Without them.
I could barely see your face.

I wouldn’t know though.
My eyes were closed.


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5 Responses to Poem: A quick love – 2

  1. Gauri

    It really did set my heart racing you know. I demand more of these “quick love” poems.

  2. sachin

    couldn’t help but left my mind actually visualize this poem. since the wife and i both are bespectacled – could immediately see how it would all flow. it makes me want to go to her office right now, grab her and kiss her. thank you!

  3. Chitralekha

    my God, this is beautiful. And very visual a poem. :-) I love it

  4. Poor verse. Is this modern age poetry? Shallow imagination and superficial lines

  5. Love these little poems, Neha! They are so humane! Little jewels stolen away from our daily race…

    This one reminds me of an old Tamil poem of mine… http://dhanushkodi.blogdrive.com/archive/8.html