Golden streamers in my hair.
Stuffed .. Or have I said that already.
Happpppppy Newwwww Yeaaarrr!


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9 Responses to Hello!

  1. A new year wish for you to keep those posts streaming in ! And for great joy, happiness, good health, peace and fulfilment. To you and all members of the family !!

    Well..that may be a trifle stuffed…but hey, when it comes to wishes or New year celebrations..its ok !


  2. Is that Vodka or is it water? Nice pic.

    Happy New Year to you too, blog guru. :)

  3. New Year Wishes Neha.. Wishing you a great 2009!!

  4. Blingeshwari:

    Happy New Year!

    When I think of you, I think East Ham, idli, sambar and other things I am deprived of. Don’t aks me why, as the great Billy J sang. To reclaim holidays that just ‘flu by, today the first ever dosa experiment was conducted successfully. You will be proud of the coconut chutney I made! I shall await sambar lessons from you. :-)

  5. water/vodka, gold,.. food.. anything reason is good start the new year(another excuse for celebrating life.)

    Happy 2009 & beyond.

  6. Neha K

    Happy New Year Neha!!!

  7. Thank you all. And that is WATER. :)

  8. wishing u a happy new year heartly. nice pic.