Rasik Balma, Delhi and etc.

Utterly fantastic song. Almost buttery. Slippery. It’s winter, and it figures that I miss the JatLand. Delhi is on my mind. It’s probably cold there. Somehow, this song gets into a certain winter evening mode. Yes, I am going to launch into the numerous tried and tested clichés about hot chai. But clichés have a point. They are typical. And quite often, pretty true.

Remember this post, anyone?

You don’t drink tea by cups in Delhi, you drink them by the conversations. One doesn’t say ‘I have four cups’, instead – the line reads ‘We had tea over two hours of gup-shup (Conversation)’. In the terraces of the buildings built in haste during the Partition, people in colourful shawls and muffs balance hot samosas in their hands.

Far away from here – Winter arrives in Delhi.

Everybody does need a rustic balma though. One gets tired of the assault of the erudite and urbane every once in a while. And so, the mofussil is desired and remembered. The little villages in Delhi. For some reason, just thinking about this, sends an almost curious whiff of cowdung up my nostrils. Like I’ve always said – Delhi is a village in the state of a constant mela.

(And yes, I am not going to apologize about going overboard on posting songs. Why not, I ask. Why not?)


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9 Responses to Rasik Balma, Delhi and etc.

  1. Is this youtube vaaram(week)???

  2. u’ll be glad to know i can identify u with ur choice of words!

    was scrolling thru my greader and kinda went past the title and author.. reading a few lines got u in my mind, and lo behold! :P

    yeah jatland is getting cold only now, winters have delayed their arrival this year

  3. km

    A rustic balma?

    Clever wordplay :)

  4. That ‘and etc’ reminds me of ‘chai tea latte’ :-P

  5. Sigh. There is even no ‘nominal’ winter this year in Mumbai. You know, the 24C type, which gets a lot of Mumbaikars to bring out their jackets. I really want to be somewhere where it’s cold. And Delhi winters are really lovely.

  6. This was one of my mum’s favourite Latha numbers.
    Sounds sweet listening to it like this.
    A nice song to sing while driving in the winter sun.

  7. The credit should actually go to someone else. :) But to be fair, I’d thought of it six years back.

  8. It is a lovely song and comes from an era when Latha’s voice was still quite light – not too heavy… it’s somehow melancholic in a wintery way. Which is good.. I think..

  9. London gets very cold – but somehow it’s not the same. There isn’t enough rusticness here. Nor does it snow. Not enough colour.

    I want to be able to go to the chai shop near my college and sit down, bundled in bright red and yellow shawls… muttering choice expletives at the young men who make whoo whoo noises. Drink my tea. And be at peace with the world.