A little graffiti

The mind and heart has been rather full and heavy of late. So I did what heals best. Set off for a walk with rr and the camera. We went along what is known as the Parkland Walk. What once was a railroad is now a muddy green walk. It was biting cold today. About zero degrees through the day. And the rain from last night had created vast puddles of mud, slush and dead leaves.

In the heart of cities and of the cycle of urban decay is graffiti. Absurd word art and graffiti stared at us. And we spotted this.

Graffiti along Parkland Walk

It was exquisite, beautiful and stood out in the sea of clashing colours and spray paint.


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4 Responses to A little graffiti

  1. Very nice, Neha! How are you doing?

  2. Isn’t it just? I thought it was so calm. So serene in the middle of nowhere.

  3. Doing well Dipali.. And you? Na koi chitti, na koi taar…