Ministry of Silly Walks

You know that middle of the week lethargy and angst. It’s gone! Because Monty Python have their very own channel on YouTube! (Yes! Yes!!)

On that wonderful and celebratory note, please take a look at this. One of my favourite pieces. Ministry of Silly Walks.


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  1. gauri

    ROFL. You know, I can’t call myself a fan of MPs – I probably saw just the wrong ones (given how much people with a decent sense of humor hype them), but none of them even so much as got me to smile. But for some reason the Ministry of Silly Walks has me almost rolling, no mater how many times I see it. Now that it’s online, I should do a better search.

    I’ve been reading your posts on and off; like the way you write – especially the oness with 3-4 random words :) We used to that a lot! Will keep checking…


  2. Their own channel?

    Utterly irrelevant for the Fortunate Few who have it all on DVD (imagine the Insufferably Smug Look)


  3. Krishnan

    That was a great find by Venkat. Bombay transmogrified into Bangladesh ?