Poem: Siblings and Lovers

When she says we should
have been siblings, what
she really means, is that
you and she are very similar.

That in your respective
heads, you already knew
the other. Or that you
probably swallowed the
same moon while eating
mounds of curd rice on
your childhood terraces.

That lovers like siblings
squabble, and curl up to
sleep. And siblings like
lovers, breathe gently.

There is no incest in it
really. She only means
that in some ways you
are of the same womb
or the same bark of tree.


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10 Responses to Poem: Siblings and Lovers

  1. Vi

    Brilliantly done :)

  2. Nandini

    what a beautiful beautiful poem…sigh…

  3. Fifth In Line

    Beautiful. Thank you for articulating what I have always felt in my heart for my wife.

  4. suparna

    yeah i’ll say thanks too. u put in words what ive sometimes felt intensely for those i loved romantically – a sudden rush of sibling love.

  5. nilu

    I don’t think you or anyone else can write something more beautiful. So I suggest you shut this blog as a mark of respect

  6. Beautiful is too weak a word to describe this. Loved it :) On that note, I’m reminded of the oft-quoted statistics – apprx. 40% teenage boys would like to marry someone like their mum!!!

  7. wow! that’s the only word that came to my mind: “wow”

    it’s a wonderful piece. such a wonderful piece.

  8. This could have been written for Estha and Rachel in ‘The God of Small Things’… except the other way round…
    I like free verse on this blog :)