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Death, Cable TV, Emotions and Hamsters

I am a week and a day old at my new workplace and so far it’s been a good ride. Even as I learn a whole new way of approaching accounts, and get used to new faces. For starters, the … Continue reading


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Poem: Made for Each Other

Having established that they could have been siblings, the lovers now play mother to one another. Gentle pats. On the forehead, and the other’s eyelids drop. Quiet. On some days, she says, you are really my mother. Like when you … Continue reading


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Wtf: Victims paying for their Rape Kits!?!

I have to confess that I am following the presidential race in the US rather obsessively at times. It’s not that I actually care perhaps. United States of America is an ocean and a world away from me, but mostly, … Continue reading


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Poem: Siblings and Lovers

When she says we should have been siblings, what she really means, is that you and she are very similar. That in your respective heads, you already knew the other. Or that you probably swallowed the same moon while eating … Continue reading


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Poem: For him, she prays

While in hostel, he wrote, Dear Amma, This North Indian city gets rather cold. I need a thick blanket. I am losing weight. I believe I will go bald if I don’t pop a few shiny potent vitamin pills. His … Continue reading


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“Sadhana Cut” and My Mom

Reading a very charming post on Indiequill today, a sudden urge to let a certain family cat out of bag. My mother, the eldest of four was a rather strong child. She threw her tantrums and the other three were … Continue reading


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We need Africa. Apparently.

I never know what to make of Bono as an activist. His blog on FT has a rather passionate plea about why the rest of the world needs Africa, and therefor how it deserves more aid. That’s a slightly tricky … Continue reading


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