Woh Shaam

Mood music for mid-week late-evening suspended by strings moment.


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7 Responses to Woh Shaam

  1. Thank you for reminding me of this number. Beautiful :)

    Hope you feeling a bit better *hug

  2. Praveen

    reminded me of those Rangoli days on DD.

    Hope ur better now.

  3. Krishnan

    Beautiful song, even for me who is Hindi-challenged, I can understand the angst behind this wonderful song and empathize.

  4. Which song was it? YouTube says this video is no longer available.

  5. Suspended by strings, as one is, a day before submission :-)

  6. Aanchal: Woh Shaam Kuch Ajeeb Thi – but youtube shows me the song ..

  7. Oof, those were the days…
    Beautiful song, thanks darling.

    My sister was talking to me today about our cousin who passed away last month. He died of Asthama attack, and he was the same age as her. She said she feels guilty that she is enjoying life while he is no more.

    I said, He is not in his body as we knew him, but he might be in a better place. Its ok to miss him, but don’t feel sorry for him.

    I am sure your friend will visit you in your dreams, or come to you as a muse.