If you have time to kill..

Loads of time, that is, please go here. Klueless3 is truly time killing and hair pulling. For hints try this.

Meanwhile I have a thesis to finish by August 28th. Which is why I am doing everything but actually working on it.


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  1. Thanks a bunch, Neha!! Klueless2 was so much fun! And I have a lot of time to kill! Be jealous :D

  2. I resolutely refuse to succumb to temptation! Let’s seehowlong that resolve lasts :P

  3. I did not click on the link (mainly because I do not really have time to kill). :-)

    But two things

    1, This post reminds me of the posts I wrote during Aug-Oct 2007 when I was writing my thesis but took blogging breaks to relax for 10-15 minutes.

    2, It may make you laugh but I have a letter from Cam today asking me to confirm in writing by when I would be submitting final corrections so guess what? Deadline once again. The MBA degree may or may not teach you much else but it does teach you a wonderful time management system (inspired by the JIT system of inventory) called Some How In Time.

    Yenjaay thesis writing! Remember at the end of that rainbow is an idli-sambar lunch! You take me to that place and I will treat you. :-)

  4. wa

    Idli sambhar? Can I join in too please. Infact I know of a place which serves great dosas

  5. Oh please, who has time to kill? I’d just rather it go commit suicide somewhere else!

  6. I

    it is dosai and dosa.

  7. Neha, finished? if not, in which level are u in?

  8. Prakash: Finished aa? Nowhere close. Am stuck on level 10. Horrible. I think I am going to give up and concentrate on the thesis now!

  9. I am on Level 10 and almost done. Just inches away and it’s frustrating!

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  11. Trevor Penn

    You got me hooked on to this. I’ve run out of patience though on level 23.