Yay! Yay! Yay!

Haldiram to open outlet in London!

It is setting up a manufacturing plant and offices, followed by a series of shops across Britain. The company aims to grow quickly, with 45 jobs being created after one year rising to 100 after three years, said Think London, the capital’s official foreign direct investment agency.

Haldiram’s. Yum!!!


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9 Responses to Yay! Yay! Yay!

  1. Hi Neha! Could you offer tips on affordable accommodation choices in London?

  2. km

    The company aims to grow quickly

    And aims to make its happy customers grow even more quickly.

    //long time fan of their products :)

  3. Haldiram’s sweets & namkeen are good but not everything! ;)

  4. Neha: This has got be the brightest news I have read today.

    Bring on the khatta-meetha mixture, the moong dal, chatpata chana.. I hope they will sell dhokla and kulfi as well. Oh I can’t wait! ;-)

  5. rr

    But the burning question is… do they make idlis?

  6. Don’t like the aweets but love the savouries. Yum!

  7. Maybe Haldiram’s will give me coupons for doing advertising for them…. one wonders…

  8. I like Haldiram’s sweet but not namkeen

  9. rasagolla in little earthen pots?