In the Company of Strangers

The one thing that strikes me everytime I attend a GV summit (and this is my third one!) is the sheer level of motivation one derives from meeting strangers. To be able to put a face to an email id and to watch their quirks unfold is delightful. We otherwise tend to border on the morbid – covering censorship issues, conflicts, inflation, politics and the lot. But to see these strangers be able to have so much fun, watch them collapsing into laughter every ten minutes over the silliest of things is comforting.

Among other things, we all seem to share a love for silly photographs. Like this one – Juliana, our environment editor and Renata from Guatemala decided to pose in a decidedly Bollywoodesque pose near a flower bed. Among other things, I discovered that Juliana laughs at just about everything, and that Renata could easily be a Bollywood star, given her ease with the dancing style. Here they are – gazing into each other’s eyes, which I photographed with much mirth.



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2 Responses to In the Company of Strangers

  1. The pic is well composed :)

  2. Thanks Manasa – I have a talent – I get people to do silly things and pose for my camera all at the same time! :D