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In the Company of Strangers

The one thing that strikes me everytime I attend a GV summit (and this is my third one!) is the sheer level of motivation one derives from meeting strangers. To be able to put a face to an email id … Continue reading


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Photographs from GV Summit

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Liveblogging the GV Summit

Liveblogging the summit as it unfolds in Budapest. More updates on this post –

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B for Budapest!

Budapest is beautiful. The GV Summit is on in the city, and as always there’s a huge crowd of bloggers, cyber activists and the lot from all over the world. It’s an amazing experience, to walk around the room, trying … Continue reading


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To Brighton!

Brighton was magical. The sun was out, but the wind was blowing in all bloody directions. At 23 miles per hour. (As BBC weather insisted). The sky was blue with white candy floss floating about now and then. I saw … Continue reading


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Men kissing Men and other Offensive Things

It’s funny the kind of things that can offend people. Take for this instance this marvelous advert for Heinz Deli Mayo. I found myself giggling with joy. It’s so rare to see an advert that shows a man doing anything … Continue reading


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Fiction Fragment: Another reason to have a Baby

Five years of being married, and not having reproduced makes strangers assume a great deal of familiarity. They ask questions about when she was planning on having a child, they told her that children bring a lot of joy in … Continue reading


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