Moving to Calcutta

That’s on my to-do list. It’s a promising city.

Imagine remaining absent from duty for 15 years and still retaining the job. And to top it, securing a court order for payment of half the salary for the period.

This is the case of West Bengal resident S.N. Das, who was able to retain his job as assistant engineer with the Airports Authority of India (AAI) without attending office for 15 years. Besides, the Calcutta High Court also ordered the AAI to pay him salary for half the time.


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  1. Amazing. I fly into Calcutta in late July and will be looking for Mr. Das.

  2. Ankur

    Where can I get a job like that, Neha? My current job does not allow me to read and write as much as I want to, neither does it allow me to practice music for the ideal number of hours. And then I must wear moronic formals to office and tie up my long hair just because I am a male, and must not carry either my dog or my guitar along because that would be blasphemy; nor can I access any site of note (though it’s a blessing that Within/Without bypasses these oppressive firewalls or whatever they are called). To top it all of, they have ‘corporate protocols’ that one must follow, such as those stupid tags around the neck that must be beeped each time one steps out of office. Sheessh!!! Mr. Das, I want your job.

  3. David Sasaki: Will you please take an autograph and flickr it. The world must see!

    Ankur: As soon as you get a job like that, will you please let me know? And what? You can’t carry your dog to work! Can the dog carry you to wherever it works? :) And as long as you’re not a che – you have a right to open up your tresses I say!

  4. WA

    Could we please have some exciting post, I am missing Raj

  5. That is exactly the kind of job I have always been looking for. Do you by any chance have the contact info of Mr.Das :)

  6. Its quite hard to sit at home without job. I tried it for a month. So, I have first hand experience. But being compensated for that – is like having your cake and eating it too…

    Destination Infinity.

  7. I think Kolkata is going to see a tremendous influx of immigrants pretty soon :)

    Nice site, btw!

  8. Darn, the best jobs ARE always taken! :)

  9. You’re it girl! :)

  10. yeah — Obama won. frabjous joy.

  11. Landed here courtesy Rads. As a Calcuttan who’s been living abroad these last 6+ years, I can say, without bias, that Calcutta is no better or worse than any other big city in India. Hope you like it there! :)