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Mood music for a Saturday night

A little mood music for Saturday night. Along with an absurd realization that I haven’t heard anything earth-shatteringly new in the last few years. At a certain age, you discover new bands by the week. Like how in one summer, … Continue reading


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Poem: In Ayodhya

They’re in Ayodhya. In this very holy city, they smear everything on their foreheads. The guide (for tourists and pilgrims) points to a slab. “Here, Sita made rotis for Rama.”. She wonders if Rama liked his rotis fluffy. And round. … Continue reading


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Poem: The Corruption of Kaikeyi

He tells her that she must keep good company. For names are ruined thus. Without warning. Which is why, nobody names their daughter after the woman who sent a good man to his exile. Even if, it was only her … Continue reading


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Poem: A potential love affair

Their bags and backs face me, I can only hear parts of whispers. One pint down. The other half drunk. The woman on the left attempts a SWOT analysis of a potential love affair. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and those terrible … Continue reading


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