Conversation of the Week

Babe of Bombay (BoB) and I have a brief conversation.

BoB: I don’t speak Hindi. Never picked it up.
Me: In Bombay? You didn’t pick up Hindi in Bombay?

BoB: Even at home, I don’t understand what my parents say in Tamil.
Me: Oh. Okay.

BoB: I think it’s my face.
Me: Err?

BoB: I think my face tells people that I don’t know Hindi or Tamil. It’s in my face. I have a face like that.
Me: I don’t understand.

BoB: People have told me. My facial structure is like that. My face tells people I know only English. That’s why I feel very comfortable in London.

For a change, I am stunned and silent.



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18 Responses to Conversation of the Week

  1. does she communicate in sign language with her parents?

  2. Is one supposed to be proud of something like this ? Does she expect an accolade of some kind ?
    My first reaction was the same as Brooms – how in the name of god does she communicate. Sign Language ??

  3. Or rather – in the present context – thru SMSs or emails perhaps ?

  4. let me guess..did you come across her at your place of education? hmm. and good lord!

  5. Throw in a few offers wid Prabhu and Rajni wid a few lakhs I’m sure she will wear the pavada sari and do all the dancing and crying in Tamil, malayalam and Tamil :))

  6. eh? i knew a twat like this in college. she thought her face didnt say indian. more american, or british. it was very hard not to laugh at her face. i usually did. maybe tht’s what you should do too!

  7. she must be right, Neha, if she understood tamil, she would have said ‘face cut’ (as Tams translate muga vetttu literally) and not facial structure. that said, I wonder what english understanding facial structures are like…?

  8. didnt understand zilch about the conversation, maybe I’m just dumb.

  9. Did you tell her that many people in London don’t speak English either? It would be best if she remained silent.

  10. The girl speaks a language of her own!

  11. why do makku type people alone comment here?

  12. WA

    Now considering yours is not an anonymous blog, google will lead the babe of Bombay here soon and then I suspect we will be reading an apology post :)

    Nilu – unnaiyum sethu dhaane solre?

  13. Am stunned n surprised too..

    However, a mild reality is faced by me too.
    I hear people telling me – “you have stayed in hyd for 19 years and cant understand/speak telugu properly” :D

  14. a remarkable display of self control. your’s, i mean.

    while your reaction was stunned silence, mine would have been unprintable.

  15. makku and samathuu people.

  16. yebbaaaaaa….Peter aaka filfaans thaangale…

    yaaru antha peter akka…introduce me to her…will teach her some first hand lessons..

  17. arre. bacche ki jaan logey kya?

  18. amazing, That u kept a straight face. or did you? :) I’d have been grinning through the amazing revelation- of the English face :)