I am a Malayali, wear a thin lungee

What a delightful song! Queen’s I want to break free sung in Malayali style. Among other things, the song talks about being a Malayali, wearing a lungi and being a card holding member of the Marxist party. My father never sends forwards, but if he does – they are fabulous treasures!


Or download here. [Right Click, Save As]



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  1. Brilliant song (or simbly rockin’!!) Thanks.

  2. Priceless!! :D

    Nice picture on the blog header :)

  3. Ha! Fantastic.

    And btw you’re blogrolled (have been for a while to tell you the truth).

  4. Sneha

    Ha ha.. good one. Watch lola kutty on channel v, if you dont already. Not sure you can watch it outside India. Maybe on you tube.

  5. Oh! Man! Thanks for that. Made my day!

  6. LoL! Its difficult to even pretend to take offense when one is doubled up laughing.

  7. dipali

    Zimbly wonderfool!

  8. sajith

    Gggrrr. We’ll get the World Malayalee Association to DDoS Within/Without.

    Meanwhile: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oryK6At9soE

  9. Ojas and Dipali: Welgum!

    firstrain: It’s a lovely picture no? Taken on the GT Express I think.. Must have been five years old or so.

    Tanmay: Thanks! :)

    Sneha: Oh I love Lola Kutty. I think her interview with Boman Irani was probably one of the funniest things I have ever seen on MTV.

    Anand: Are you a fraud malayali?

    Motley Fool: :D Try, Simbly try.

    sajith: I am technically, 50% Malayali. Shuuurely – you shall be nice to that 50%?

  10. sajith

    50% is a tall claim! Can you read, write and speak Malayalam?

  11. Wow…trying to revive your malyali connections? I love the regional sentiment….I sometimes feel so guilty for not brandishing my UP connection (nothing much to be too proud of I guess!)…But honestly, I adore the fact that you’re so proud of your roots!

  12. dipali

    Just noticed the lovely pic! Beautiful photograph, lovely little Neha……

  13. Is Mallu land to Madras’ north?

  14. Not to question your semi-mallu-ness one bit, but is it thin lungee or ping lungee?!

  15. sajith: No, I am a Mallu of convenience.

    Rashi: Well, I have many connections. I brandish them whenever it is suitable. Having grown up in the North, and what not – I can easily lapse into regional love at any point in time. :)

    dipali: Thanks. :)

    Nilu: Depends. Why don’t you just follow the trail of coconut oil smell?

    the black mamba: I am convinced it is thin – because pink (ping) lungee is against communist principles.

  16. Though I dont understand the language, I enjoyed the song.

    It’s fun listening songs without understanding the meaning.

    Music is the language I understand. :)

  17. The Malayali in this hosuehold discovered it too and died laughing. Especially the “Marudhi” dowry bit.

  18. sailesh sharma

    well done.Being a non malyalii living in kochi i can really apreciate this song

  19. sam

    good song ,really good song

  20. A genuinely funny parody, I truly loved it, thanks for sharing!

  21. pat sharma

    fandastic song man adipolli song a da

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  23. pink lungie

    good song I AM A MALAYALEE


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