Poem: On Flu – Part II

I’d rather have a cold than a cough,
Witness this phlegmatic morph.
When I have the flu, I feel smaller,

From a Wife I become a tiny Wifelet,
Won’t you please, make me an Omelette.

My head hurts, and throat itches,
Everything is slow, I move by inches,
Tissue paper over, I give you a holler.

I start rhyming when I have the flu,
I am regressing, yes, it’s true.
I sit surrounded by snot and balm,
Now, don’t ask me for the capital of Vietnam.



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12 Responses to Poem: On Flu – Part II

  1. Yes, it’s true.
    Please get well soon.

  2. Get well soon dear! though I must say the poems generated are good :)

  3. Uma

    aaaawww hope you feel better soon. Take care x

  4. dipali

    She ‘s got it, by George she’s got it!
    Neha, YAFINSI ( you asked for it now suffer it- but you seem to be enjoying Sri’s ministrations. Get well soon. The pome is rather nice, but is it worth the flu?

  5. Very Ogden Nash, but that was what you were aiming for. Get well soon, atishoo!

  6. So you have the flu noi…
    Capital of Vietnam..that Hanoi !

    Get well soon !

  7. very nice poems.
    Now get well soon :)

  8. km

    Endearing…especially the last rhyme :)

    Feel better, N.

  9. WA

    oye feeling better yet?

  10. Thank you all. :) Still recovering. And yes, Dipali. Enjoying exactly that!

  11. excellent poem..haha… “inFLUenced” by FLU….haha