Stray Thought

When dinner is Reddy, I am Rao-venous.

PS – Yes, this might have lost you your appetite.



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10 Responses to Stray Thought

  1. Uma

    Megha, wow? Am I missing something?

  2. Uma, its ‘wow’ as in taking random arbit-ness to unscaled heights. :)

  3. When I am Hungary, I usually eat Italys.

  4. Space Bar,

    When you are idiotic, you should stop.

  5. Nilu,

    True. But arbitrary idiocy has its charms. :-)

  6. Space Bar,

    You should stop.

  7. Hawaii mister, you must be Hungary. Yes, Siam. And I can’t Rumania long either, Venice is lunch ready? I’ll Russia table, what’ll you Havre? Aix? Whatever, but can”t Jamaica cook step on the gas? Odessa laugh, Alaska.

    Okay, I will stop now.

  8. OMFG, its contageous!