Tamil Film Trivia

100 points to those who can figure out which movie had this marvelous line. “Nonsense of the Stupid of the Idiot!



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  1. Anand

    Hmmmm…is it Rajathi Raja, and Janakaraj saying it to Radha Ravi.

  2. Something makes me think that it’s rather, “stupid of the nonsense of the idiot!” I think it’s fair to ask for 50 points if I am right.

  3. Is it Velaikkaaran? For an original guess.
    After seeing Anand’s guess, I too seem to think it’s Rajadhi Raja, actually.

  4. Not that I have watched enough Tamil movies, but this better be from a Rajnikanth movie.

  5. I am sure it is Thalaivar’s movie. But not very sure whether it is Janakaraj or Thalaivar who is uttering it. But only ‘Superstar’ can pull off such sentences with utmost ishtyle!!

  6. now we know what’s blocking those drains :)

  7. God, you must be bored.

    *runs off*


  8. Crazyfinger

    After cracking up at “megha”‘s comment I was about to say something suicidal like “Stop picking on Neha,” but..

    Regards, Crazyfinger

  9. Anand gets 100 points, Zero gets 35. But I know that “Nonsense of the Stupid of the Idiot!” is the right version. It was a Thalaivar movie, but it’s not him who mouths the line. :)

    The movie in question is “Rajathi Raja”.

  10. Anand

    Yeah…got it right. nice feeling. some films and some dialogues never leave us, i guess.

  11. Oh, yes! In fact, I watched Rajathi Raja recently (was on television), and could immediately “relate” to it (the scene where Janakaraj lambasts Radha Ravi) after seeing Anand’s comment, but wasn’t too sure really.

  12. Anon

    now guess this….
    “wait a nimit for 5 nimits” (nimit = minute)

  13. Anon: Michael Madhana Kama Rajan. :)

  14. Uma

    Idhellam oru postunnu idhukku 14 comments vera

  15. Uma: Madam – neenga 15th comment pottadukku romba nandree.

  16. arundathi

    Ooooh – so excited about Shivaji! Love Rajnikanth! LOL!!! Talk about complete entertainment – thats him! And so wonderfully non-thought-provoking! :D