Global Voices Summit in Delhi

Global Voices Summit in Delhi is going great guns so far. I had loads of fun running around and moderating the discussion on Blogging and Outreach. The conversation is flying about all over the room so I am not really live blogging it – but I am taking pictures and there are tonnes of them tagged gvdelhi2006.

IMG_3487 IMG_3466
Rezwan and Ben IMG_3470


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5 Responses to Global Voices Summit in Delhi

  1. :( don’t think we were going great guns either.. due to not so good wifi service.. but that cant be helped now :P so every session but session 4 is up there.. i’ll borrow the sound segment from georgia and transcribe it later.. im sorry that the live blog this year coughed up half way through :(

    But we tried ;)

  2. Ange: I guess the erratic wifi ruined remote participation – but I think the discussion here was rather lively and interactive. Having attended quite a few conferences on these issues – I would say the focus in the summit was a welcome break.

    Thanks so much for maintaining that website! I cannot think of a better archive!

  3. Hoping to read about it all…

  4. anon2

    Ah, yes the pundit takes over Dilli, and rides with the djinns. Very nice! I hope the shards of desh that I dream about are still intact. :)

  5. anon2, why anon?

    Neha: well what can i say? but thank you Dina, SJ, Jeremy & Bala for making it happen, transcribing, etc. Big thanks to whoever uploaded semi-rotated pics tagged to flickr :P added a whole new meaning to conf tagging and flikcr’ing :P

    i should go back to blogging and touch on “What we could have done better” ;)