Ready, Steady, Charity 4

Fourth. Words: Telepathic, Grand Slam, Newyork Nagaram

Dear Selvi,

Apparently you’ve had the baby. It’s hard to tell if it’s a boy or girl sitting in this city, halfway across the world. I may be a genius but telepathic I am not. Have you named the child yet? I suppose my suggestion of naming a child after my parents may not sit well with you. My mother thinks that the birth of this child is akin to a Grand Slam victory. That for a year or so, we’ll bask in the glory of a chlid and fall in love again. She thinks you will come back to this city with her and the baby in tow, so she can look at her daughter-in-law struggle with a tiny creature wearing an arana kayaru. She refuses to come without you. A grandchild is the only way to transform New York City to New York Nagaram.

Can’t we just pretend you love me?



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6 Responses to Ready, Steady, Charity 4

  1. Sai

    Good one!!! No wonder, our population is touching new heights. Should give it to the mom-in-laws :)

  2. RaajK

    The third word doesn’t fit well with the story. Sorry, can’t resist the temptation to say this.

  3. Sai: Paavum mother-in-law. Paavum Pitchu too.

    RaajK: Agree. I am not sure I like this one entirely.

  4. Nice one that ! I was wondering how you were going to weave all the 3 together. No wonder you’re all pros and the rest of us are not :)

  5. just had a hearty laugh(Salma Hayek post) and *sob sob* pitchu paavam…