It’s a photo, Silly!

I have a genuine problem, I cannot look into the camera and just smile. Instead I grin. I grin like someone’s held a gun to my head and threatens to shoot unless I show all my teeth. Anyhow all my photographs are silly. But this one is silly when you think about it. I mean who the hell stands in front of a mirror and holds their camera up on their face to click? (Only half of Flickr). Since the tag requires that a person only be silly, and not silli-Er or silli-Est, I choose this one.

Really, in my case I had to choose the least silly one. Because, apparently all my other photographs are just plain scary. If a sillier one is desired, we’ll put Sri to the task. He takes the best snaps of me making silly faces ever.

Right, now to tag others. Megha, Megha the Punkster, Zigzackly and Shoefiend. And please, join the fun if you want to! And apparently the photograph has to be recent. Banish the 2 year old baby snaps please.

Update – On having been pinged a few times about this, here’s a sillier one. I show all of 3 teeth in this one.

Ggrr. If this is not silly, I don’t know what is. Somebody please provide definitions.


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13 Responses to It’s a photo, Silly!

  1. Is posting a silly shoe picture allowed? :)

  2. @ Neha: This is even less interesting than your “I’m bored” post (that one’s on Put Vote incidentally.) You are trying to wriggle out too easily.

    Ever since various visitors commented and shsmed me into posting a sillier picture at my blog, I have become a firm believer in the power of constant cajoling.

    I’m all for a sillier picture!

  3. Anon Cow

    Neha! Common – Sillier!! Puhleaaaase!

  4. Radhika

    I DEMAND a silly photograph. Don’t be chicken Neha. You’ve gotta give us a little more. Don’t be so Goody Goody now!

  5. WA

    Nope, I refuse to agree. It ain’t silly at all, if anything the second one is sweet rather than silly

    Come on Neha, you can do better.

  6. Thanks for being a sport and all, but have to agree with WA :P

  7. You evil tagger, you!

    Whatever happened to the wind-swept Neha and the gosh-I-seem-to-have-stuck-my-finger-in-a-power-socket Neha? Did I imagine those?

    (Okay, I’ll behave, else this is going to come back to bite me.)

  8. Since when did this become the post-a-cute-picture meme? You are being most naughty. Please make amends instantly.

  9. Memory just came shooting: I have myzelf taken silly pigs of you! Such joy comes. Shall I post them, now now?

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  11. Eh-you look very nice, not silly at all.

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