One year on at Global Voices

Exactly a year (and two days) ago, I started writing for Global Voices.

I am not going to reflect on the completion of one year. Over at GV, we end up bashing ideas by the day. But more than anything else, I’ve met such incredible people at GV. What a year it’s been!


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5 Responses to One year on at Global Voices

  1. Anon2

    Yes, yes, you will go even further, Nehaji. :)

  2. Congrats Neha. With the Kazakhstan assignment and many to come, the next year should be a roller coaster ride for you. Enjoy Blogging!

  3. Thanks Anon2 and Amit.

    Rezwan – Still crossing my fingers on the Kazakhstan assignment. Though it isn’t via Global Voices, I suppose it is my work with Global Voices that has equipped me with the skills required. I just hope it works out! :)

  4. angelo

    it will :)