Describing you, feeding fish and tonight

I must describe you
tonight, before it ends for
words then melt at some
hour in the morning.

But then these syllables they
surface, like fish feed in the
aquarium. Some sink, others float
Then nourish your golden self.

My act of describing (and
feeding) belong entirely to
me. But on some days, and nights,
I spread myself further thin.


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5 Responses to Describing you, feeding fish and tonight

  1. nevermind

    well done with the other blog, and good luck with this one. and the poetry bit makes sense. it all now falls into place:-)

  2. Nice. Word Press is. And thy new casa in cyberia is. Blogger never turned me on much either. Now you will really become one of ze Maha Bloggers! :)

  3. RaajK

    Congrats on your new blog. Looks simple and awesome.


  4. Saw some big fish (whale watching) in the ocean today between the family spillage (puking) I wondered if I had spread myself too thin.

  5. nevermind and RaajK: Thanks.

    Anon2: I was almost going to say “You mean I’m not one yet. Muahaha”

    Deepti Lamba: The thin spreading thing must be infectious no?