How bloggers raid your kitchen

Inky and Wendigo are a sight for sore eyes. They threatened to come home for a cook-over. Both me and my kitchen were very excited. Among other things we scared some of our neighbours and created quite a racket. Inky made curry and I made sambhar. Wendigo did the dishes. She just doesn’t wash them. For her it’s therapy. Like all therapy, it takes time and she likes to do it alone. We left her to it.

Later, Inky was surrounded by two (amateur) photographers who insisted on making her pose, smile, grin and stick her tongue out. Madam complied every time. We also took some rip-roaringly funny videos that cannot be shared with the world because of our concern for their health and safety. We polished a third of a walnut cake just thirty minutes after insisting that we were full enough for the next few days. Inky and Wendigo have also decided to call me the ‘Expander’ because they allege I expanded their stomachs’ respective capacities – rendering their current diet completely useless.

Saturday evenings must be spent this way. With people with appetites as large as yours, (No guilt, thank you!), making funny faces and cracking up on puns that a limited number have patience for. Thank you both!


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16 Responses to How bloggers raid your kitchen

  1. Thanks for the lovely evening and the incredible sambhar!

    Nobody in our hostel is sleepng tonight because we are watching the videos and laughing like hyenas!

  2. Dammit. I miss dosas and sambhar. Used to live on that stuff in madras :(
    Now I must raid my fridge to compensate.

  3. Thanks to my “nalhan” like roomie, i get dosas, sambar and even “getti” chutney on a regular basis :) We prbly shud document our cooking sessions too. We have our homework sessions recorded but those cannot be shared for rating issues.

  4. they weren’t funny videos… they were high art. you shouldn’t disraspack them thusly.

  5. Nice. We should plan a London bloggers meet when the dratted weather is better. It’s HORRIBLE today.

  6. Lovely Pictures. Hilarious Video. Loved them. Thanks.

  7. Inkspill: Haven’t stopped laughing over them either. My stomach hurts from all the giggling.

    Sunny: Raiders of the lost Dosa?

    Bharat: Please do put up cooking videos. It should be fun to watch a band actually cook!

    Wendigo: I apologize. Humbled. Art it is!

    Mumbaigirl: Definitely. Sounds like a great idea. The weather is awful. Everything just feels grey outside. I wish I was in Bombay – were clouds are actually enjoyable. Especially with samosas on the side.

    Tipsy Topsy: You’re always welcome. You can feature in our next presentation! ;)

  8. when the dratted weather is better.

    Umm. hello! this is London. The weather is like this 50 weeks of the year.

    Neha – you should trademark that phrase! Someone’s gotta love it enough to pay you :D

    It could be the ultimate Tamil Indian Jones parody.

  9. now, that’s my kind of fun. Good grub and good company, what more could one want (apart from large amounts of cash)?

    Love your posts Neha :)

  10. Sunny: You mean Tamiliana Chones?

    The Olive Ream: If only I had your sense of humour Olive – I’d be making cash by the bundles now!

  11. Hope lots of people with good blogging appetites join the scene too for blogging to really take off in a big way.

    Looking at the number of blogs you have got, I wonder how you manage. You must be a pro. Best of luck

  12. smruti

    in all directions but all in one direction…like troops!

  13. Now I am confused..What exactly is this curry that Inky made.I thot curry was a generic firangi name for sambar,kozhambu and anything spicy..Or do you mean kari?

    Ooh,that’s deep thinking for 3.00 AM?

  14. Gupta-vati: Oh no. It was a curry like they call in Madras. Anything with spices! :)

    Let me recall: Closed cup mushrooms, multi-coloured bell peppers, red onions, white onions, cherry tomatoes. Spices. Lots of Spices!

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