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Fiction fragment: Lovers hallucinate

You have lodged yourself in my head. Perhaps in the sinus. Which explains why my head rattles when I move it. You swing from end to the other. The more I shake my head to dislodge you, the more it … Continue reading


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Street Harassment Blog-a-thon

Street Harassment has never been an “issue” in India. It’s been there for so long that it doesn’t feel like an issue – it’s just a part of the wider context. Forgotten by the authorities, ignored by Mainstream Media – … Continue reading

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Red oxide floor

Childhood red oxide floor prints of monkey paws here – we spilt milk, there, the little one peed. Cousins hold their peace while jackfruit ripens on trees, the stomach then rose in waves of laughter. Spouses wave to touch invisible … Continue reading


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3 AM tales

I am asked by a reader “What does “3 am” connote? Apart from its 3 hours past midnight and its early morning does it have more meaning? ” 3 AM seems to be caught in a cusp. From the time … Continue reading


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How bloggers raid your kitchen

Inky and Wendigo are a sight for sore eyes. They threatened to come home for a cook-over. Both me and my kitchen were very excited. Among other things we scared some of our neighbours and created quite a racket. Inky … Continue reading


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Avian flu infected poultry in India

India’s first Bird Flu case has been confirmed with samples from dead poulty being tested. So far no humans have been reported with the infection. It appears to be of the H5N1 subtype, though more samples have been sent to … Continue reading


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On ego and adoring

On Ego – The Ego is like the Liver. It gets hurt, but has an incredible capacity to regenerate. The Ego’s memory is only left with a dangling scar, and sometimes even that disappears. On Adoring – Adoring is a … Continue reading


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