One down!

One year ago today, Sri and I (literally) tied the knot.

:) Happy Anniversary and all! To monkeys, potatoes, movies, daags and a little russian dancing!

Note – Anniversary sounds so formal no? Kids can’t say Kalyanam (trans. Wedding) so they are told they are going for a DumDumDum. The Dumdumdum of course refers to the sound of the Mridangam Thavil. In the cacophony of relatives, jasmine fights, screaming cousins and prayers – the dum-dum-dum of the Thavil stays clear in the head!

This is our DumDumDum Day!

P.S – Between Sri and Me – This is the only anniversary we can actually celebrate. Over five years, the first email, date, phone call, fight et al is lost to the winds.


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  1. Congrats!

    I was wondering if you were a Mallu. Or does the word ‘Kalyanam’ mean wedding in some other language(s) too?

  2. Anonymous

    Congrats Neha – long may it continue.

    Lee B

  3. Happy Anniversary

    You’re a special couple
    sharing a wonderful bond,
    understanding, caring and trusting,
    spreading joys all around.
    And so on your special day,
    you’re wished the very best,
    For a life that keeps
    you together always and all
    that makes you the happiest.

    Happy Anniversary.


  4. :D Happy DumDumDum!

    The Dumdumdum of course refers to the sound of the Mridangam

    You guys use Mridangam in your marriages?! We guys only use the Thavil. Interesting, if it is really the Mridangam, I must attend some Mallu-kalyanam.

    I hate the loudness of the Thavil but otherwise its ‘okay’. Quite a ‘mangalagaramana’ sound, I suppose.

  5. Varun: Kalyanam – wedding in Tam too.
    Lee and Dr Politics: Thanks! :)
    Suraj: Yeah. The name Thavil escaped my head, so I decided to go with another percussion instrument instead. Was gently rebuked/ reminded by my dad to change it! The Thavil is loud.. but during the wedding – the balancing act really takes your mind off the noise!

  6. km

    You two have a “First email” anniversary? Back in our days, we had smoke signals and tom-toms (and not dumdumdums)



  7. :-)

    Jaathakam ellaam paathu thaano kalyanam panneettel ?

    oru varsham ayidutha..en iniya vazhthukkal…

    Thats a great day. Enjoy !! Btw…gimme some crazy ideas write like i used to. bye.

  8. Happy DumDumDum!!!!

    good goin…wish Sri also on my behalf….must be hell of a guy to be putting up with u for so long!!! just kidding!!!!;o)

    wish u guys all the best! :o)

  9. Happy Anniversary Neha :-)

  10. Happy Cotton Anniversary Neha! Congrats on your dumdumdum day.

    I’m pretty sure the first is cotton, I used to know them all.

    I hope you have many more.

  11. Happy Anniversary Neha :-)

  12. Ash

    Happy Anniversary to you and Shri ! Wish you may happy year together ahead :)

    Hope you guys did something special

  13. Abi

    May we have one more jugalbandhi of poems (kadai is okay, too!) to celebrate the occasion?

    Happy Anniversary!

  14. Happy Anniversary. kuzhandaiku puriyudho ?, it means Happy Dum Dum Dum day :).

  15. Hope you spent some time offline. Wishing you and Sri a great first anniversary.

  16. Anonymous

    I salute that great male soul Sri. seems, he has no idea of what’s a happy and peaceful life, yet.

  17. km: What to do – some relationships start online! :)
    Arun: Jaathakam pakkavilliye! For crazy ideas – you’re an unwitting student in one of the most twisted cities in the world. Look no further!
    Chandni: Yes. You have seen him put up with me for quite a while now. Haven’t you? ;)
    Thennavan, Rohin, Naikutti, Reflex: Thank you!
    Abi: Excellent idea. We’ll work on it. :)
    Ash and Kaps: Yes. We both were offline and loving it!
    Anonymous: Lol!

  18. Wish you a very Happy Anniversary Neha …

    We call dhong dhong( lol sounds of the drum, too)

  19. Happy anniversary NehaSri. Wish you many more.

  20. Whoa. You changed your surname after marriage?

    Your popularity just took a huge dip here :)

  21. hey!! my sister celebrates her dumdumdum today too ;-)
    happy anniversary neha and sri :-) here’s wishing many many more dumdums to come!

  22. Anthony and Premalatha : Thanks
    Ishwar: I’ve been Neha Viswanathan all my life. Neither Sri nor I changed names. NehaSri was because initially both of us supposed to write here. :) As an aside – you really think my popularity matters to me??
    Radhika: Best wishes to her too!

  23. Neha, best wishes for many many more anniversaries…
    and how come you have not mentioned the pee-pee-pee before the dun-dum-dum? :)

  24. neha, all bloggers like to claim that their popularity doesn’t matter :)

    and ya, my bad! misinterpreted the name of the blog.

  25. Nice. Best Wishes. I had mine 2 days ago heh.

  26. Happy anniversary! Did your heart beat in time to the drums? Mine did!

  27. Charu: :D
    Gawker: Same to you! :))
    MumbaiGirl: Oh well..
    Ishwar: Yeah. Though I don’t get why someone exercising their choice to take a new name or to stick with their old one should make a difference to their popularity. Perhaps readers can be very judgmental?

  28. Neha:

    I wish I could write this Tamil phrase in English, but my spelling sucks….so here is the English version:

    May you live long and have a dozen kids…(or is it sixteen? My Tamil is fast turning rusty!)

    Did that come out right? Somehow it sounds better when you say it in sen tamizh!



  29. LAK

    Happy Anniversary, Neha and Sri. The first Anniv is special. Wish you many more years of happy togetherness!