Calling blogs run by women and feminists

I am planning to do a feature at Global Voices on women and feminists from South Asia. The women don’t necessarily have to be feminists and the feminists don’t need to be women. (You get the idea!) While I know of a lot of them, I don’t want to miss out on any good ones. So please leave addresses of any such blog/ online project that you know of in the comments. And if you want to point to specific posts – please go ahead. Feel free to point to your own blog as well in case you are either or both! :)

And since this is South Asia – I welcome blogs from Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

Update – Thank you all for your response. This post will be up on GV sometime over the weekend of 26 and 27 Nov 2005.


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  1. Here are some of the links of Bangladeshi women bloggers. Hope this helps you.

    * Ipshita’s Blog -Canada
    * A sunshine too brief -Canada
    * Optically Active – USA
    * Tanya in Cyberspace – USA
    * Waiting for the perfect sunrise – Canada
    * The Desh in Me -USA
    * Glittergirl -Singapore
    * Of the world and boiled eggs – Bangladesh
    * Nayma’s Blog – USA
    * Vacuum out, the vacuum within – Bangladesh
    * Slightly Absurd, Clearly Ambiguous – Canada
    * Meherunnissa’s Xanga Site
    * Bdeshini -Bangladesh
    * The color of rain -UK
    * Black Rose…fighting everyday… -Bangladesh
    * Ex Nihilo -Bangladesh
    * >Insert Clever Title Here -Canada

  2. Rezwan:

    Thanks so much. That’s an incredible list! :)

  3. ...


    I am a woman and I blog. I will not term myself a “feminist”, nor will I say that I constantly fight inequality, since I AM equal. I don’t have to harp on it to feel qual :-)My gestures, my actions and my values will themselves prove that I am equal. I really enjoyed reading your blog. Here is my blog:
    It is amateur and I have to work a LOT on my writing. Hope you enjoy perusing it.

    Keep blogging!

  4. Hi Neha,
    hows you? Will my blog qualify as I talk about Jollu :P and more important…how much will get paid If I am select :P

  5. Portrait
    Random Rantings
    Hot Chocolate
    Because Television Sucks

    Just a few Sri Lankan women bloggers. There’re quite a few more. You can check on Kottu
    which is a good collection.

  6. Hi Neha,
    I’m not a hard-core feminist,a trifle yes:-)I have a fairly new blog. When I blog about my first love I have often received comments like “A girl and blog on cricket? Nice to see a lady blog on cricket:-)” No it does not irk me, I’m just used to it:-)
    I dunno if you might be interested, but I came here through Sujatha’s blog and thought I’d post mine here too:-)
    My blog address:

    A few posts on the my first love here:

  7. We guys better be ready for an attack by the “Shaming Indian Family” gang….:)

    Anywayz…here are is my link.

  8. Hi Neha,

    I am not sure if you meant “women who write about women’s issues” when you said “blogs run by women” or did you mean any kind of blog, but the author must be a woman?

    Do you accept blogs run by women in languages other than English? If you do here is my link to a blog in Tamizh
    A particular post that I think addressed a very serious women’s issue

  9. hmmm. I am new blogger. Came here through Sujata’s blog. Mine is

  10. Hey Neha, here are a few blogs by Indian women, mine inclusive:

    From the Chaos… (India)
    Lost in web space(Singapore)
    A walk in the clouds(USA)

  11. Anonymous

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  12. mmm you could take a look at mine :)

  13. hey neha, this sounds interesting and i’d like to recommend a friend’s blog. MANSI, written by priya banati.

  14. Hi neha, I don’t write about ‘women’s issues’ so not sure if my blog fits what you’re looking for … but if you’re looking just for blogs written by women, you could check mine out.

  15. i am woman, see me blog!

  16. hi neha!
    I’ve been thinking about ‘feminist’ blogs all day. i don’t think my blog, or I for that matter, is/am specifically feminist. but here’s a link to what i think is my only post about …being a woman, i guess.

  17. Neha,

    My blog is not a feminist blog, but a feminine blog


  18. Hi Neha,

    My blog is not about feministic issues, nor I am a hard core feminist. But I do get into arguements in such issues. So, I don’t know if my blog qualifies for this. If I come across anything else, I surely will let you know.

  19. Noticed your blog for music related content.

    Admittedly late submission for 2005!


    Would greatly appreciate hearing from you!


  20. Oh, I think I wandered in here from or was it Sujatha’s ?

  21. Oh, hello! My blog is mentioned in the first comment, but I have to say even though I am a feminist, my blog really chronicles my obsessions with literature and pop culture with an occasional foray into the personal. I would steer you to the livejournals of ginmar and annejumps, but I realize neither of them are South Asian. Damn absorbing read though!