neha really likes blogs

On some days you decide that you simply don’t have your hands full. And on those days, DesiPundit invites you to join them! Ta-da!

From today, Neha joins the ranks of DesiPundit and hopes to dig deeper to find amazing posts! :)


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8 Responses to neha really likes blogs

  1. Ash

    Welcome, welcome :)

  2. km

    Bahut khoob, bahut khoob.

    So will your business card now read “Desi Punditain?”


  3. Comments enabled?

    Dangitall … how long has this been going on?


  4. nice to have you with us. didn’t know that you enabled comments recently:-)

  5. Welcome. A pleasure to have you around :)

  6. Congrats Neha,

    I know from global voices that you can really dig deep and find the treasures.

    Best of luck.

    I am still trying to get out of the post food poisoning hangover (read: wading through pending jobs).

  7. Congrats Neha! So celebrate this awesome achievement…. you’re footin’ the bill for the next bloggers’ meetup in the UK. Si?

  8. maxaud

    good for me wasnt it :)